PhotoMarkr Submitted!

PhotoMarkr is out! Buy it now for just $0.99!

PhotoMarkr lets you add watermarks to your photos on your iPhone and iPod touch. It will be a great tool for all photographers who like posting their photos online.

It's really easy to use - set it up once, and then just apply your watermark to any photo with the click of a button.


  • Create a watermark from text, or import a custom watermark as an image
  • Position watermark anywhere on your photo
  • Move, rotate and resize your watermark
  • Change watermark transparency
  • PhotoMarkr always saves a full-res original, and a full-res copy of your photo with the watermark applied.
Check out the screenshots.

Add a subtle text watermark:

Add a not-so-subtle text watermark:

Add your own custom watermark:

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