Easter Bunny Super Sale!

Urgent! The Evil Bunny Union from Little Red Sled demanded that we celebrate Easter!

In response to their demands, we agreed to slash the price of Little Red Sled by 50%.

But they kept growling. They wanted MORE!

Ok, ok! - we said. Who are we to defy the Bunny Union? We're scared of them too, you know!

So in addition, we're making all our other games FREE for the weekend.

That's right, FREE.

Imangi - FREE! (Regular price: $1.99)
Imangi Word Squares - FREE! (Regular price: $1.99)
Little Red Sled - $0.99! (Regular price: $1.99)

Get ALL THREE for a total of $0.99 this weekend. No joke.

The sale started this morning, and will end at midnight on Sunday night. Grab these fast, while the bunnies are still holding us hostage!