Are you a natural leader? Do you take charge with a steady hand and an eagle eye? You should be a Harbor Master!

As the Harbor Master in a busy harbor, you direct ships in - and out! Dock your ships, unload their cargo, and then guide them back out safely so the next ship can dock.

As you unload more and more cargo, your expert services will be requested at other ports. But be careful - every port has its own set of challenges! Watch out for the cyclones!



"You will absolutely love Harbor Master." -- TUAW

"Harbor Master may be the best pick up and play title in the App Store. " --

"No questions, the single most addictive game I have ever played on the iPhone." -- The Appera

"So there's a lot of polish in the game, but the best part is just how addicting and fun the whole thing is. After downloading the game I was happy to let time fly by while I played 'one more game'. The game is simple to play... and play... and play." --

"Gorgeous in its simplicity and addictive in its gameplay, you can't go wrong with this one. It's a bellweather app and already has a permanent place on my packed Springboard." --

  • 6 unlockable maps, each with its own set of geographical and natural challenges
  • 3 types of ships. Smaller ships are faster, but carry less cargo. Larger ships are slow, but cary a lot of cargo. Make sure you dock the right ones! Time management junkies, this feature is for you!
  • Online high scores
  • Multi-Touch support - try playing with a friend!
  • Need to take a break or take a call? Don't worry - the game automatically saves for you!
  • Supports multiple profiles on one device
  • Amazing polished graphics
  • Original soundtrack - or relax and listen to your own music instead!
  • Incredibly addictive gameplay
  • Pirates!
  • Bluetooth Multiplayer!

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