Many people have raved about the music in Little Red Sled, so we decided to offer a behind the scene glimpse and a few tracks as free downloads.

Natalia, aka nattylux, composed the music for Little Red Sled. Here is a video of her in action:

1) Main Theme MP3 - (Download)

2) Snow Mountain Funk MP3 - (Download)

3) Bells Theme MP3 - (Download)

4) Tenor Aria MP3 - (Download)

5) Thirds Waltz MP3 - (Download)

Sound Effects

Ever wonder where sound effects in games come from? Mix 1 part makeshift recording studio with surprisingly willing friends and presto magic, you'll be amazed what you come up with. The recording below is a few different takes overlapped on top of each other. It's quite funny to listen to -as you can hear we spent most of the time laughing at each other...

Can pick out any of the sounds from the game?

Most sounds came from our artist, Jungdae! She's basically a human cartoon character - known for giggling all the time, wearing pink, and looking kind of like Maya.

Stay tuned for more goodies!